The People Specialists provide training, development and HR support to suit your business and maximise the potential of the people within your business, to help your business grow and be productive.

We offer:

Business Planning Strategy & Development
Team Building & Team Repair
Communication Skills
Leadership & Management Training
HR Training
HR Specific Subjects
Conflict Management & Difficult Behaviours in the Workplace
Sales Training
Coaching & Mentoring
Workplace Mediation

We offer customised training to focus on the particular needs of your business. We work on the basis that one size does NOT fit all, each client has very different needs and therefore we tailor our solutions to suit you and your people. We can also back up that training with qualified, professional HR support.

Personal experience tells us that one-off training days or workshops do not work in the long term. We offer structured solutions that can be applied a little at a time and built upon for gradual but sustained success.

We are a team of specialists, each with in-depth knowledge of our own sectors who together, offer a unique combined experience not readily available elsewhere : the whole is certainly worth more than the sum of the individuals. We bring quality and qualification but above all experience of having ‘been there, seen it, done it and bought the T-shirt’!